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The main tasks of E-Library:

➖ ensuring the availability of information and library resources, the provision of which to readers is difficult or limited;
➖ providing access to information and library resources that exist exclusively in electronic form;
➖ creating conditions for users when working with large amounts of information;
➖ improving the quality and efficiency of service, expanding the list of services of information and library institutions by providing users with information and library resources of the electronic library;
➖ modernization of library technologies;
➖ integration of information and library resources of the electronic library into the global information space;
➖ long-term storage of electronic information and library resources.

The main functions of E-Library:

➖ collection and processing of data to create databases;
➖ creation of a powerful search system with enhanced capabilities for downloading full-text documents;
➖ digitization of the information and library resource;
➖ ensuring the adaptation of the electronic form of information and library resources to changes in information and telecommunication technologies;
➖ ensuring connection to the network of electronic libraries of other information and library institutions;
➖ training of staff and users in the rules for using the electronic library.
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