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Information about Cluster

Information about Cluster

I.The cluster and the purpose of its creation

Pharmaceutical cluster — it is a group of geographically localized interconnected innovative drug development firms, manufacturing companies; suppliers of equipment, components, specialized services; infrastructure facilities: research institutes, universities, technology parks, business incubators and other organizations that complement each other and enhance the competitive advantages of individual companies and the cluster as a whole.

The purpose of creating a pharmaceutical cluster in the republic is to develop the scientific and educational potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of pharmaceuticals by creating an integrated system of education and training of highly specialized personnel, their employment and advanced training in a single innovative pharmaceutical cluster.

The main criterion for the development of the cluster will be the emergence of a local expert center, the development of a research base, the introduction of attracting international experience in the development of the biopharmaceutical industry, training of local personnel in accordance with generally accepted international standards and criteria necessary for the development of new drugs and medical products.

II.Components of the pharmaceutical cluster «Tashkent Pharma Park»

The project on “Creation of an innovative scientific and production pharmaceutical cluster "Tashkent Pharma Park" provides for the creation of a single ecosystem, where all aspects will be affected and all areas of the pharmaceutical industry will be located, including the cultivation of new highly qualified personnel, additional education and advanced training of scientific, pedagogical and scientific personnel, scientific and experimental lines, as well as the basis for the enhanced development of the research potential of the industry.

The construction of the following infrastructure is envisaged:

▪️ Administrative building of the cluster
▪️ Laboratory of the Center for Expertise of Pharmaceutical Products
▪️ Laboratory of research center and university
▪️ Vivarium
▪️ Pilot production lines
▪️ Laboratory of"BSL-3"
▪️ Pharmaceutical Technical University with its own infrastructure
▪️ Clinical Research Center
▪️ Industrial Zone

Administrative complex

Clinical and preclinical research laboratories

Pharmaceutical Technical University

In the 2012 FIP Centenary Declaration, pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists took responsibility for improving the health and treatment outcomes of people around the world by improving the development, distribution and responsible use of medicines. Achieving this goal requires a sufficient number of competent pharmaceutical workers and scientists who can provide a full range of pharmaceutical services and meet the challenges of healthcare worldwide.

In this regard, the Government of Uzbekistan initiated the construction of the National Research University with a capacity of 4,000 students, which will be the center of the scientific and educational part of the innovative scientific and industrial pharmaceutical cluster. There also will be located inside and outside areas of the Sports Complex on the territory of the University.

The university is being created in collaboration with leading UK universities such as Sunderland, DeMontfort and Dundee in order to introduce an international education system. Currently, 5 specialists are undergoing advanced training at these universities.

III.Industrial zone and investment.

The creation of production components of the Cluster is planned at the expense of foreign and local investments.

The Directorate of the Cluster, together with the working group, will be engaged in the selection of potentially promising projects in the territory of the Cluster, on the basis of the provided the necessary substantiating information by the initiator of the project.

At the same time, the Agency, together with the Cluster Directorate, will regularly conduct road shows to attract foreign investors to the industrial zone of the cluster.
In order to finance new components of the Cluster, foreign investors are offered the following projects for development and implementation:

Shopping center

Business center with apart-hotel

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