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About Press Office

About Press Office

Key responsibilities of the Press Office of the Pharmaceutical Industry Development Agency:

➖ participation in the formation and implementation of the information policy established by the management of the Agency in accordance with modern requirements;

➖ ensuring effective and practical interaction with the Press Service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, press offices of other government and economic agencies in the implementation of a unified state policy in the field of information;

➖ reliable, high-quality and prompt informing the public about the Agency’s activities as well as its provisions in this area;

➖ collaboration with the media, formation of a press pool - journalists working in constant interaction with the Agency Press Office, as well as dissemination of information messages (press releases, booklets, etc.);

➖ prompt placement and timely updating of information on the official website of the Agency, development of web resources on the Internet, including in social and mobile networks;

➖ generalization and analysis of pharmaceutical sector news appeared in the media platform, preparation of proposals with specialists on types, methods and level of response to them, organization of comprehensive work on the dissemination of information (materials) in the media, including on the Internet;

➖ preparation of news, information materials, reviews and analytical materials jointly with structural divisions of the Central Office of the Agency for dissemination of them in domestic and foreign media;

➖ provision of information materials (photo, audio and video, printed materials, etc.) to the representative offices of the Republic of Uzbekistan in foreign countries, as well as diplomatic missions of foreign countries in Uzbekistan in order to provide high-quality coverage of the Agency’s activities in foreign media;

➖ for to ensure positive information support, the inclusion of the Press Office staff members in the delegations of the Agency, its substructural organizations, as well as local pharmaceutical manufacturers traveling to foreign countries to promote the ongoing reforms in the pharmaceutical sector of Uzbekistan in the international arena;

➖ analysis of the state of public opinion and the position of national and foreign media in relation to the activities of the Agency and informing the management about them;

➖ creating and maintaining a database of text, photo, audio and video materials related to the activities of the Agency.

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