The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan The Pharmaceutical Industry Development Agency
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About Agency

About Agency

The Pharmaceutical Industry Development Agency under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The Pharmaceutical Industry Development Agency was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated November 7, 2017 No. DP-5229 “On measures to fundamentally improve the pharmaceutical industry management system”, in order to improve conditions for the development of pharmaceutical activities, further increase the level of provision of the population and health care institutions with affordable, high-quality medicines, medical devices and medical equipment, the introduction of a unified system of coordination of their production, import and sale.

Under subordination of the Pharmaceutical Industry Development Agency, there are:

➖ Chemical Pharmaceuticals Research Institute of Uzbekistan;

➖ Tashkent Research Institute of Vaccines and Whey;

➖ "Eastern Medicine" Research Institute;

➖ Directorate for the Development of the Innovative Research and Production Pharmaceutical Cluster "Tashkent Pharma Park";

➖ "Center of Good Practices" SUE;

➖ Pharmaceutical Technical University.

The Agency carries out the following tasks:

➖ development and implementation of strategies for the sustainable development of the pharmaceutical industry, including through the introduction of modern mechanisms of state support for the industry;

➖ organizing a study of the pharmaceutical market situation, conducting a systematic analysis of the state of provision of the population and healthcare institutions with pharmaceutical products, developing proposals on its basis for further saturation of the domestic market and localization of production;

➖ assistance to industry enterprises in organizing cooperation with leading foreign pharmaceutical companies, mastering the production of new types of high-quality pharmaceutical products that are competitive in the domestic and foreign markets;

➖ State regulation of pharmaceutical activities through licensing (except for the retail sale of medicines and medical products);

➖ coordination of work on the introduction of advanced foreign practices and international standards in the pharmaceutical industry;

➖ participation in the implementation of an information system for monitoring and accounting for the movement of pharmaceutical products, which ensures the collection of complete information about imported and manufactured pharmaceutical products on the territory of the republic;

➖ organizing the production of innovative and high-quality medicines, medical devices and medical equipment, meeting the needs of the population in these products, training pharmaceutical specialists based on international educational standards and in popular specialties, ensuring the integration of pharmaceutical education into the system of the international scientific community and coordinating the activities of the Directorate of Innovation research and production pharmaceutical cluster "Tashkent Pharma Park", created for the further development of the pharmaceutical industry of the republic.

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