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Representatives of the state center visited the Turkish company "Pharmaactive Pharmaceuticals"

Representatives of The State Center for Expertise and Standardization of Medicines, Medical Devices, and Medical Equipment visited "Pharmactive Pharmaceuticals," one of Turkey's most prestigious pharmaceutical companies.

During the visit, the working group got acquainted with the activities of the laboratories of the scientific research center of the company. In addition, experts studied the ISO 9001 and ISO IES 17025 international standards, their implementation, and the working mechanisms of these standards in these laboratories.

The parties discussed cooperation issues between the "PharmAR-GE" pharmaceutical scientific research center and the State Center, including the organization of online and offline training courses for specialists of the State Center's test centers and laboratories by the specialists of the "Pharmactive Pharmaceuticals" company.
For information, the PharmAR-GE pharmaceutical research center is located in the territory of the "Pharmactive Pharmaceuticals" company, which is a modern pharmaceutical plant with the capacity to produce 330 million boxes of drugs in solid, semi-solid, and liquid lines.

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