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The Comparative Laboratory of the State Center has expanded its activities

As it was reported earlier, the State Center for Expertise and Standardization of Medicines, Medical Products, and Equipment organized a meeting with an American specialist to further develop the activities of the Comparison Laboratory. The State Center took another step to move forward with this matter. 

On November 15-16 of this year, the staff of the Accreditation Center of Uzbekistan conducted the next inspection (evaluation) of the activities of the Comparison Laboratory.

According to the evaluation results, the State Center's Comparison Laboratory has been authorized to compare medical and laboratory thermometers, small and high-pressure manometers, and laboratory scales used for measurements in medicine and industry since December 12, 2022.

For information, the Comparison Laboratory had the right to compare 23 types of medical measuring instruments before passing the inspection (evaluation) control.

We remind you that the heads of state and non-state medical institutions operating in our country can apply for the services of comparison of medical measuring instruments through the following numbers:

Abdullayev Nodir Mir-Azimovich, head of the comparison laboratory, phone: 71-203-01-01 (2240) or 90 9275917
Responsible employee: Kamilov Olimjon phone: 71-203-01-01 (2240) or 97 001-44-77

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