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The comparison laboratory organized the following educational seminar and training

On September 14 of this year, the Comparison Laboratory organized the next educational seminar and training for all head nurses of the maternity complex and perinatal center of Tashkent city in connection with the organization of metrological supply in the medical organization.

Nodirbek Abdullaev, Head of the Comparison Laboratory, provided detailed information and answers to all the participants' questions during this seminar. The seminar was organized to provide practical assistance to the responsible employees and to strengthen their practical skills and knowledge further to ensure the certification and metrological supply of measuring instruments used in the prevention of treatment at the expense of the Ministry of Health.

We want to remind you that the Comparison Laboratory held a special training on August 2 of this year for head nurses of 12 districts of Tashkent and for head nurses of all family polyclinics of Tashkent. The training experience provides metrological comparison (checking) services of medical measuring instruments used in medicine.

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