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An American company representative of Fluke Biomedical visited the State Center


In recent years, comprehensive reforms in the field of metrology have been implemented in our country. Day by day, this field is developing rapidly and improving steadily.

The proof of the rapid development of metrology can be seen in the usage of medical measuring instruments. The number of local and foreign enterprises producing those instruments is increasing sharply, and private treatment and prevention institutions are making diagnoses based on modern medical measuring devices and treating patients with much care. 

Due to the growing demand for state registration of medical measuring instruments, certification, and comparison services of pharmaceutical products, on December 1 of this year, The State Center for Expertise and Standardization of Medicines, Medical Products, and Equipment organized a meeting with an American expert for to discuss the development strategy of the Comparison Laboratory.

At the meeting with the responsible employee of the American company "Fluke Biomedical" which is a manufacturer of high-precision sample measuring instruments, Ala Albadri discussed several issues with his Uzbek counterparts. 

In particular, negotiations were held on the purchase of standard measuring instruments used in the field of metrology in medicine, the improvement of the qualifications of the staff of the Comparison Laboratory, and the joint development of new modern comparison-testing methods.

For information, the American company "Fluke Biomedical" founded in 1948, is a world leader in producing measuring equipment and measuring technologies. The company's products are used by more than 40 million engineers and technicians in more than 200 countries globally. Also, this company is the creator of Fluke-233, the world's only detachable display digital multimeter.

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