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Inaugural US - Uzbekistan Pharmaceutical Summit

Catalyzing partnership, collaboration, and investment in the Uzbek pharmaceutical industry

29 March 2022
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST

U.S. Pharmacopeia
12601 Twinbrook Parkway
Rockville. MD 20852

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Summit Objectives

Convened by American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce and the USAID-funded and USP-led PQM+ program, the inaugural US-Uzbekistan Pharmaceutical Summit aims to catalyze American pharmaceutical partnership, collaboration, and investment opportunities in Uzbekistan.

During the summit, the Pharmaceutical Industry Development Agency (the Agency) of the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan will provide critical information regarding the Uzbek government’s priorities, including:

▪️ Highlighting current development trends
▪️ Reviewing the local pharmaceutical market and regulatory environment
▪️ Discussing incentives and opportunities for foreign manufacturers

Expected Outcomes

By the end of the summit, participants will be able to:

▪️ Understand opportunities for pharmaceutical investment in Uzbekistan
▪️ Establish connections with high-level Uzbek government officials
▪️ Network with key pharmaceutical manufacturing stakeholders in Uzbekistan

Who Will Attend

▪️ Leadership of the Agency for Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry
▪️ Leadership of the State Center for Expertise and standardization of medicines, medical devices and medical equipment
▪️ Representatives from Uzbekistan pharmaceutical manufacturers
▪️ Representatives from US manufacturers


The summit will include a plenary session, question and answer sessions, one-on-one meetings with Agency officials, as well as opportunities for discussion with the Uzbekistan pharmaceutical manufacturers. The conference will be conducted in English and Russian with interpretation services available. Space is limited.

▪️ Registration & Costs Registration for the summit is required. Register now.
▪️ Participation in the summit is free and lunch will be provided. Attendees are responsible for all transportation, lodging, and other travel costs.


In an effort to reform Uzbekistan’s economy, the Uzbek government has taken effective measures to liberalize foreign trade, modify tax and financial policies, support entrepreneurship, guarantee the inviolability of private property, and ensure the accelerated development of Uzbek regions. Expanding the pharmaceutical industry is one of the critical economic and development priorities for the Government of Uzbekistan.

One of the important strategies for development of pharmaceutical industry is to incentivize the investment in Uzbekistan’s pharmaceutical sector for expansion of production of quality-assured medicines in the country. These initiatives include tax incentives for the companies operating in Free Economic Zones. Additionally, the Government of Uzbekistan has invested $293 million USD in the development of the Tashkent Pharma Park, an innovative scientific-industrial pharmaceutical cluster containing analytical and research laboratories, clinical research centers, and pharmaceutical production sites. The Pharmaceutical Technology University will also be established within the Pharma Park. For investors implementing projects in the Tashkent Pharma Park cluster and in the Free Economic Zones, several accommodations will be provided, including exemption from several types of taxes, assistance in obtaining proper documents.

The Pharmaceutical Industry Development Agency (the Agency) of the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan is responsible for industry development and oversees the international cooperation critical to Uzbekistan’s transition to sustainable pharmaceutical development. As such, the Agency is interested in reaching foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers in the US to discuss Uzbekistan’s pharmaceutical regulatory landscape, new incentives for the pharmaceutical companies interested in entering the Uzbekistan market, and opportunities for collaboration with the Uzbekistan pharmaceutical companies.

Areas of interest include:

▪️ Production of medicines, medical devices, and medical equipment in Uzbekistan
Collaboration between US pharmaceutical companies and Tashkent Pharma Park
Establishing clinical research organizations
Collaboration with the Institute of Vaccines and Serums
Collaboration between US and Uzbekistan pharmaceutical companies:
Organization of joint ventures
Organization of contract manufacturing
Opportunities for voluntary licensing agreements
Opportunities for US manufacturers to market pharmaceutical products and medical devices in Uzbekistan

Further information

▪️ Additional logistical details will be provided upon registration. Please email with questions regarding event logistics.
For all other inquiries please contact:

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