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The insulin production is now planned to be localized

Recently, the Russian company GEROFARM and the Uzbek company ZUMA PHARMA signed an agreement on introducing analog and human insulin production technology in our country.

Under the document, the Russian company will provide its Uzbek partners with the technology for the production of insulin analogs - glargine, lispro, and bio-sympathetic two-phase lispro in the form of syringes and cartridges. There is also a plan to localize short- and medium-acting human insulins and a two-phase combination drug. For this purpose, in 2023, the Uzbek company ZUMA PHARMA will carry out technical re-equipment of production and the installation and transfer of technology.

The Russian company GEROFARM provides the Uzbek company with the stages of casting, packaging, and quality control of biodegradable production technology. At the same time, this partner company will continue to supply the active pharmaceutical ingredients needed in the production of the joint product, the components required to assemble disposable syringe pens, and reusable syringe pens.

- Uzbekistan is actively developing cooperation with other countries in the field of medicine. We are glad that Russia is our scientific partner in this area. This agreement is very valuable for us in terms of improving the supply of life-saving drugs to patients. At the same time, the production of medicines on a cooperative basis will allow us to achieve import independence and create new jobs, - said the Minister of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan Ibrahim Abdurahmanov.

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