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The State Center for Expertise and Standardization of Medicines, Medical Products, and Equipment hosted an open dialogue on the mandatory digital marking system

On December 12 of this year, an open dialogue that discussed the mandatory digital marking of drugs and medical equipment in our country was held at the State Center for Expertise and Standardization of Medicines, Medical Products, and Equipment.

The purpose of the meeting led by Ulug'bek Egamov, the first deputy director of the agency, was to study the problems and proposals arising in the digital marking of medicines in the business entities operating in the field to introduce this system within the specified time and in good quality.

Along with agency experts, responsible employees of the Ministry of Finance, the State Tax and State Customs Committee, and the operator of the national information system for marking and tracking the products with the marked original, "CRPT TURON" LLC took part in the open dialogue. Also, 23 representatives of business entities operating in different regions of our Republic participated directly, and more than 30 were online.

Today, 50 out of 61 local enterprises producing pharmaceutical products have signed contracts to purchase equipment and software for introducing the marking system. Forty of them have started manufacturing their products with digital markings. 

Ten enterprises are in the process of supplying equipment and software products. Negotiations are underway with the remaining nine local enterprises.

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