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A businessman from Kashkadarya is exporting the medicinal plant "Althea" to Europe

In Chim mahalla of Qamashi district of Kashkadarya region, the medicinal plant Althea, which is widely used in pharmaceuticals and medicine, was planted in the fields of the residents, and now the work of picking the flower of this medicinal plant is being carried out.

On August 11 of this year, the employees of the Kashkadarya Regional Agency for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry visited the house of Bakhtiyor Ibragimov, who started the cultivation of the medicinal plant Althea officinalis in his house yard.

During the visit, the entrepreneur noted that he earns up to 3.5 million soums from each 1 hectare of land. He provides work not only for his family but also for his fellow citizens.

As a result of the cultivation of the medicinal plant althea in the Qamashi district, more than 2.5 thousand people have been occupied with jobs. Currently, the flowers of the althea plant are exported to European countries, including Switzerland and Poland. To date, 500,000 euros worth of products has been sold.

For information, althea has been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times. Abu Ali Ibn Sina treated cough, hemoptysis, colic, and kidney diseases with a tincture made from root, leaf, and seeds of althea. The great physician recommended medicines prepared based on althea root as a chest softener and expectorant agent.

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