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Samarkand hosts the First International Exhibition of Medicinal Plants

SOF EXPO SAMARKAND exhibition complex in the Jambay district of the Samarkand region is hosting another prestigious event today.

The First International Exhibition of Medicinal Plant Products titled "Avicenna Heritage" - "Heritage of Abu Ali ibn Sino" is organized by the Agency for Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Samarkand regional administration, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the State Forestry Committee. About 100 local entrepreneurs who process medicinal plants and produce biologically active additives, representatives of the Uzbek Chemical-Pharmaceutical Research Institute, the Association of Traditional Medicine of Uzbekistan, the Institute of Oriental Medicine, and visiting medical staff from the regions attended the exhibition.

It is crucial to note that in recent years, the Republic has been carrying out consistent reforms in the protection of medicinal plants, rational use of natural resources, and the establishment of plantations for the cultivation of medicinal plants and their processing. In particular, several decrees and resolutions signed by the President in this area have created ample opportunities for the cultivation, processing, and exporting of medicinal plants in Uzbekistan.

At present, 750 species of more than 4.3 thousand plants belonging to the local flora in the country are medicinal, of which 112 species are registered for use in scientific medicine, of which 70 species are actively used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Now the districts specialize in the cultivation of licorice, saffron, ferula, lavender, stevia, chamomile, hibiscus, rhubarb, sage, St. John's wort, oregano, boymadaron, organic wild mint bush, caper, peppermint, and other medicinal plants. At the same time, from 2022 to 2026, new plantations of medicinal plants will be established on an area of 36,000 hectares.

Today's event, organized in Samarkand to create a favorable environment for further development of cultivation and processing of medicinal plants in the country, increase the export potential of the industry, as well as integration of education, science and production processes, effective use of medicinal plants, disease prevention and The widespread use of medicinal plants in treatment, the organization of deep processing through the support of business entities building cultural plantations of medicinal plants, as well as a broad opportunity to take the creation of value chains to a new level.

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