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Admission to the Pharmaceutical Technical University located in Tashkent Pharma Park has begun

The Pharmaceutical Technical University is a newly established university offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs in pharmacy, natural sciences, cosmetic sciences, technology, and industrial management to the UK's leading academic standards.

In partnership with the University of Sunderland and De Montfort University, the University welcomes new students to the Faculties of Pharmacy and Natural Sciences.

It is worth noting that graduates of the Pharmaceutical Technical University will gain diplomas from British Universities.

The University is proud to welcome new students to the following programs in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Life Sciences:

➖ Foundation Certificate in Pharmaceutical Science (Non-integrated) leading to BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry (subject to validation) by University of Sunderland;
➖ Foundation Certificate in Biosciences (Non-integrated) leading to BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science (subject to validation) by University of Sunderland;
➖ Integrated Foundation Year in Sciences leading to MPharmacy (subject to validation) by De Montfort University Leicester.

Candidates who wish to become a student of the Pharmaceutical Technical University have the following requirements:

➖ Candidates must have a secondary school certificate, lycee, and college diplomas;
➖ Must have strong English language skills and at least a 5.5 IELTS certificate.

Studies are conducted entirely in English according to British standards. Studying in general education courses will begin in January 2023.

Student enrollment is officially open. You can fill out applications online at

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of the Pharmaceutical Industry

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