The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan The Pharmaceutical Industry Development Agency
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The main tasks and functions of the Production Issues Department:

➖ organizes a study of the pharmaceutical market, a systematic analysis of the supply of pharmaceutical products to the population and healthcare institutions and the development on its basis of proposals for further saturation of the domestic market and localization of production;

➖ organizes and conducts marketing research of the pharmaceutical market, determines the most popular medicines, medical devices and medical equipment in order to develop their production or upgrading existing industries;

➖ boosting the promotion of local medicines, medical devices and medical equipment to foreign markets, and also develops recommendations for domestic manufacturers of medicines, medical devices and medical equipment that are in great demand abroad;

➖ participates in the development and implementation of localization programs for the production of medicines, medical devices and medical equipment;

➖ makes proposals for the production of import-substituting socially significant medicines and medical devices;

➖ studies the best innovative practices for the creation and expansion of a medicinal plant raw material base, on the basis of which makes proposals to local manufacturers;

➖ participates in the organization and holding of republican and international conferences with the participation of local and foreign experts in the field of production of medicinal plants and natural medicines;

➖ engaged in the preparation of draft government decrees aimed at further developing the production of medicinal plants;

➖ assists forestry, business entities in creating industrial plantations of medicinal plants;

➖ establishes partnership with leading foreign pharmaceutical companies, promotes the development of new high-quality new pharmaceutical products that are competitive in the domestic and foreign markets;

➖ conducts a systematic analysis of the problems of production of socially significant medicines and medical devices and, on this basis, develops proposals to solve existing problems;

➖ ensures the participation of representatives of local organizations in international pharmaceutical exhibitions, forums, conferences, seminars and national exhibitions held abroad;

➖ participates in the export of local pharmaceutical products.

Production Issues Department

Kozimbek Baxtiyarovich Shadibekov
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