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Ministry of Health: Domestic Enterprises Produce Medicines of 2 500 Names

Recently, the Ministry of Health and the Agency on Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry have organized a press conference at the National Press Center in Tashkent. The conference organizers provided the gathered the information that the republic’s pharmaceutical market has 4,685 trade names of foreign medicines, 1,812 trade names of medicines of CIS countries, 2,500 trade names of medicines of domestic manufacturers, 530 names of substances, 1 696 trade names of medical products and 1 567 names of medical equipment.

The organizers also noted that a great attention is paid to the production of medicines from medicinal plants grown in our country. In order to develop plantations of herbs, 11,450 hectares of land provided to grow medicinal plants, including, 8,127 hectares in the Republic of Karakalpakstan to grow licorice. As a country with technologies to for production and processing medicinal plants, Uzbekistan exports medicinal herbs and their products to a number of countries. In particular, in 2018, the country exported 6,300 tons of raw materials and 5,700 tons of processed finished products or semi-finished products.

At the press conference, the organizers said that the Agency on Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry is working on the development of the State Pharmacopoeia of Uzbekistan. Worth to note that 51 of 162 enterprises engaged in the production of pharmaceutical products in the country introduced international and national standards. In particular, 40 enterprises have certificates of compliance ISO 9001, 10 enterprises have a national state standard certificates, and one enterprise has GMP international standard certificate.

Government pays special attention to assisting the modernization of equipment and technological re-equipment of enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry, and the broad attraction of foreign investments, in particular, from foreign and international financial institutions. Currently, five enterprises are implementing investment projects for the production of medicinal substances and finished medicines worth 13.2 million USD.

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