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What Projects Get Implemented in Parkent-Pharm Free Economic Zone?

The Uzbek government pays special attention to the development of the pharmaceutical industry, providing the population with quality medicines. Bo’stonliq-Pharm and Parkent-Pharm free economic zones were created in Tashkent Region in order to ensure the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 3, 2017.

It is about Parkent-Pharm FEZ today.

Parkent District of Tashkent Region is distinguished by its nature, clean and fresh air, perfect soil and climatic conditions. It became expedient to create Parkent-Pharm free economic zone here, for which it was allocated 25.0 hectares of land. Of these, 17.73 hectares - production area and 7.27 hectares - infrastructure.

Today, seven projects are being implemented on the territory of Parkent-Pharm FEZ for a total amount of USD 28 million. After the projects start operating at full capacity, 815 people will be provided with jobs and the annual production will amount to USD 52.137 million. At the same time, it is planned to export medicines annually in the amount of USD 7.81 million. The Parkent-Pharm territory has engineering and communication, road transport and social infrastructure.

To date, a total of USD 7.319 million has been assimilated: own funds – USD 5.125 million, a bank loan – USD 350 thousand, direct foreign investments – USD 1.843 million.

Of them:

  1. TANDEM PHARM LLC - USD 900 thousand;
  2. BIOCOM FE - USD 350 thousand;
  3. MAGNIT GRAND PHARM LLC - USD 890 thousand;
  4. Yuma Bio JV LLC - USD 2.95 million;
  5. Renmin Health Care LLC - USD 1.605 million;
  6. ZUMA-PHARMA LLC – USD 623 thousand.

It is also planned to launch the following projects:

  • Project for organizing the production of lyophilized powder and liquid in vials, ready-made syringe pens;
  • Project for the production of essential medicines in oncology;
  • Project for organizing the production of galenic medicines, two-stage preparation medicines;
  • Project for the cultivation of medicinal plants and organization of the production of medicinal products from grape seeds;
  • Project for organizing the production of finished pharmaceutical products;
  • Project for organizing the production of antidote whey;
  • Project for organizing the the production of import-substituting medicines.

The products manufactured in Parkent-Pharm FEZ will contribute to the development of the country’s pharmaceutical industry in order to further fill the domestic market with local medicines and medical products.

Press Office, the Pharmaceutical Industry Development Agency

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