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The Use of Uzbekistan-Made Insulin in Practice Is Allowed

A plant with a production capacity of 10 million ampoules of insulin per year reportedly started operating in Andijan region. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in collaboration with the Agency on Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Zamin Bio Health LLC, launched a large investment project in Andijan region for the production of insulin.

All the necessary clinical and research work has been completed for the production of high-quality Insulin meeting international requirements. Clinical trials of three types of insulin - Juslin N, Juslin R, and Juslin 30/70 compeleted successfully.

Recently, the medicines have passed the state registration and the Ministry of Health has given permission for their use in medical practice.

Juslin R is a short-acting insulin (onset of action is usually 30-60 minutes; efficacy in 2-4 hours, duration - 6-8 hours).
Juslin N is a long-acting insulin (onset of action 4-8 hours; efficacy 8-18 hours; duration 20-30 hours).

Jusline 30/70 is a multipurpose insulin (bi-phase preparations) (hypoglycemic effect occurs 30 minutes after subcutaneous administration, reaches its efficacy in 2-4 hours, duration of action is 18-20 hours).

Until now, Uzbekistan imported insulin. With the full capacity of the enterprise, 30% of the production will cover the domestic market, the share of import of this medicine will be reduced, export opportunities will be expanded, foreign currency will be saved and the cost of the medicine will be reduced. The construction of the plant not only demonstrates the economic potential of our country, but is also a sign of the government’s attention to the people’s health.

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