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The Agency for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry hosted the representatives of UAE-based company "CS Diagnostics GmbH."

On November 29 of this year, Sardor Kariyev, director of the Pharmaceutical Network Development Agency, met with Thomas Farkhoefer, the founder of CS Diagnostics GmbH of the United Arab Emirates.

Abdulaziz Akkulov, the ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the UAE, O. Turdiboyev, the chief specialist of the International Department of the "State Center for Expertise and Standardization of Medicines, Medical Products, and Equipment" and Sardor Kariyev attended the meeting. They discussed the rapidly developing pharmaceutical industry of Uzbekistan and the importance of the field in terms of investment attractiveness. 

They emphasized the prospects of establishing cooperative relations with local pharmaceutical enterprises in our country and the projects of localizing the production of pharmaceutical products. Participants shared views on building an oncological high-quality diagnostic center with advanced technology.

For information: CS Diagnostics GmbH, a wholesaler of pharmaceutical products and a manufacturer of medical technologies, has all the necessary licenses and certificates for the sale, storage, and transportation of pharmaceuticals worldwide.

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