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Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Justice Adopts and Registers the First Electronic Document Approved by the Minister of Health

In 2019, the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan initiated a launch of an electronic system, envisaging the development of draft laws, the coordination between ministries and departments through this system. Over the past period, 5,874 projects have been electronically approved through this system, 5,797 of which have passed the legal examination of the Ministry of Justice. The introduction of an electronic system in this area has shown its effectiveness, especially during a pandemic.

Today, lawmaking is entering a new stage of introducing digital technologies. On July 1, 2020, the first electronic document in the history of Uzbekistan was adopted and registered with the Ministry of Justice.

This document was approved by the Minister of Health, according to which physicians must indicate the active ingredients in the prescription, and not the trade name of the drug. This will allow citizens to purchase medicines with the same composition at their own discretion, as well as prevent possible cases of corruption among medical workers, illegal agreements between medical personnel and pharmaceutical companies.

The introduction of an electronic system provides a number of conveniences and advantages:

  • document submitted to the Ministry of Justice is not in paper form and is not confirmed by a seal;
  • electronic digital signature is used for coordination with ministries and departments;
  • documents are subject to simultaneous public discussion;
  • receipt of documents does not require a special order of the Minister of Justice, they are entered in the electronic state register and registered using a unique number;
  • documents passed state registration are automatically published in the National Legislation Database (

In a word, the development of documents, approval and transition to electronic state registration is one of the important steps taken in the Year of Development of Science, Education and the Digital Economy to expand paperless document management between government agencies and organizations, reduce bureaucracy and serve the introduction of digital technologies, and also transparent and fast adoption of regulations.

Press Office, the Pharmaceutical Industry Development Agency

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